The NFL Draft: A Unique Family Bond

Apr 30, 2024

Entering the NFL Draft is an exciting moment for any aspiring professional football player. It’s an even more memorable experience to share it with a family member who went through the same selection process.
Among the individuals who were selected in the 2024 NFL Draft, are the sons of retired NFL players and PFRPA members, including Luther Elliss, James Harrell Jr., Marvin Harrison Sr., Ed McCaffrey and Jeremiah Trotter Sr. While following in their fathers’ footsteps, these young men will all set out to make their own impact on the game of football.
Round 1
Draft Pick No. 4: Marvin Harrison Jr.
Father: Marvin Harrison Sr.
Marvin Harrison Jr., son of Retired Wide Receiver and Hall of Famer Marvin Harrison Sr., was drafted in the first round to the Arizona Cardinals. Going into the Draft, Harrison Jr. stated that his goal is to be the “best receiver to ever play.” He gained a lot of knowledge from his dad on what it means to be a pro, and how to have a solid work ethic. The guidance from Harrison Sr. will do much to prepare his son for his first NFL season and beyond.
Round 3
Draft Pick No. 76: Jonah Elliss
Father: Luther Elliss
Jonah Elliss, son of Retired Defensive Lineman Luther Elliss, was drafted in the third round to the Denver Broncos. He joins not only his father as a defensive NFL player, but also his three brothers: Kaden (Atlanta Falcons), Christian (New England Patriots) and Noah (Philadelphia Eagles). As another Elliss enters the NFL, Jonah will no doubt have benefitted from having his dad as his first defensive line coach supporting his early football development.
Draft Pick No. 100: Luke McCaffrey
Father: Ed McCaffrey

Luke McCaffrey, son of Retired Wide Receiver Ed McCaffrey, was drafted in the third round to the Washington Commanders. He is another young man following in not just his father’s footsteps, but also those of his older brothers. His brother, Max, spent several seasons in the League and his brother, Christian, is the reigning NFL Offensive Player of the Year. Luke has already displayed some of the versatility of his father and brothers, having played quarterback and defensive back in his earlier playing days before moving to wide receiver, the position at which he was drafted, in 2022.
Round 5
Draft Pick No. 155: Jeremiah Trotter Jr.
Father: Jeremiah Trotter Sr.
Jeremiah Trotter Jr., son of Retired Linebacker Jeremiah Trotter, was drafted in the fifth round to the Philadelphia Eagles. Like others on this list, not only does Trotter Jr. play the same position as his dad, he also wore the number 54 as a former Clemson Tiger. He also used the same axe swing celebration as Trotter Sr. following big plays.
Round 7
Draft Pick No. 252: Jaylen Harrell
Father: James Harrell Jr.

Jaylen Harrell, son of Retired Linebacker James Harrell Jr., was drafted in the seventh round to the Tennessee Titans. James’ journey served as an example for his son, showing him what could be accomplished through hard work and persistence. James imparted to Jaylen early in his playing days that, to become an NFL player, what’s in between a player’s ears is just as valuable as athleticism and versatility.
PFRPA wishes all of these young men the best as they follow in their fathers’ footsteps, whilst also forging their own paths to success in the NFL.


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