Pro Football Retired Players Association Partners with to Launch New Initiative to Connect Retired NFL Players and Fans

Aug 25, 2022

ARLINGTON, Va., Aug. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Pro Football Retired Players Association (PFRPA), a national organization that develops programs and benefits for retired NFL players, has officially partnered with, a leading, sports-focused social commerce and video platform, to offer retired NFL players an opportunity to generate revenue while engaging with their fanbase. Through the partnership, PFRPA is establishing a new initiative called PFRPA Direct, which will offer its members free access to MILLIONS' offerings, including the company's WatchStream™ Technology. PFRPA members will be able to host live WatchParties, in addition to creating and selling merchandise and engaging with fans through personalized videos.

"At PFRPA, we are focused on creating strategic partnerships that enable us to better the lives of those who gave so much to the game," said PFRPA Executive Director Joe Agbasi. "By partnering with MILLIONS, we're providing each of our members the opportunity to build on the brand they earned and cultivated as NFL players. With the access available through PFRPA Direct, retired NFL players will be able to generate revenue in fun, engaging ways, supported by MILLIONS' dedicated team."

MILLIONS empowers retired NFL players to utilize its wide range of marketing offerings, which in turn create memorable experiences for fans. Through the WatchStream Technology, PFRPA members will be able to host a WatchParty for fans interested in co-watching live sporting events with them. For those interested in selling merchandise, MILLIONS offers a design team and concierge account manager to help create and market new merchandise. PFRPA members will also be able to create a personalized video or Ask Me Anything (AMA) for fans interested in paying for a retired NFL player's content.

"Our mission with PFRPA is singular in that it focuses on supporting retired NFL players," said Chief Executive Officer Matt Whitteker. "We want to make retired football players more money; help them connect directly with their fans; and allow them to focus on their post-careers, friends and families, while we take care of everything else. It's a win-win for the former players and for millions of sports fans around the world."

PFRPA focuses on solidifying and preserving the legacy of retired NFL players by creating and managing new revenue streams, while developing meaningful health, welfare and educational programs. The partnership with MILLIONS aligns with the organization's mission.

"This partnership with MILLIONS will be a worthwhile initiative for our organization, but most importantly, it will be a worthwhile endeavor for the members of our retired NFL player community that utilize the platform," said Ron Mix, President of the PFRPA Board of Directors and Member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. "PFRPA is a champion for retired NFL players, and it's important that we seek out opportunities for our members to generate revenue. The offerings available through PFRPA Direct and MILLIONS will not only see to that, but it will allow more retired NFL players to have that opportunity."

About Pro Football Retired Players Association (PFRPA)

PFRPA is a champion for retired NFL players, dedicated to bettering the lives of those who contributed to the game. PFRPA, the first court-established retired NFL player organization, through its leadership and dedication, has been on a mission to solidify and preserve the legacy of retired NFL players. Through the Greater Good Fund, PFRPA's 501(c)(3) charitable foundation, PFRPA develops various health and welfare programs, designed exclusively for retired NFL players. The Football Greats Alliance, PFRPA's licensing agency, develops partnerships to drive meaningful revenue for retired NFL players and provide revenue for the Greater Good Fund to support all retired players. To date, more than 10,500 retired players and more than 3,000 players' spouses have enrolled in PFRPA insurance benefits. For more information about PFRPA, visit

About is quickly becoming the world's leading social commerce and video platform connecting the sports world. MILLIONS combines the power of social media and e-commerce on a single platform to empower athletes to connect on a deeper level with their fans while creating new, lucrative revenue channels. It is rapidly proving to be the most important sports technology company in history. For more information about MILLIONS, visit

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