Pro Football Retired Players Association and Alumni Media Announce New Partnership to Expand Media Streaming Service

Jan 04, 2024

ARLINGTON, Va., Dec. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Pro Football Retired Players Association (PFRPA), a national organization that develops programs and benefits for retired NFL players, has partnered with Alumni Media, an over-the-top (OTT) media network that creates and distributes content in partnership with retired professional athletes. The newly formed partnership signifies a new era in media streaming and content creation for retired NFL players in one destination.

PFRPA Executive Director Joe Agbasi believes that the Alumni Media's platform presents a significant opportunity for retired NFL players to create the types of content that matter to them.

"PFRPA's partnership with Alumni Media will help to extend the great work being done by the network, providing an opportunity for retired NFL players to express themselves creatively on their own, personalized channels," Agbasi said. "The platform is growing steadily, and it's been great to see so many former players signing up to produce great, quality content."

Alumni Media Co-Founder Craig Richardson welcomes the partnership, acknowledging how the organizations' combined efforts will work to grow the network while offering new income streams for retired NFL players.

"We look forward to working with PFRPA to provide this unique service to its membership base, and I firmly believe this alliance will produce new, exciting content creators," Richardson said. "PFRPA members will have access to an evolutionary, on-demand content creation platform, and this network is the first of its kind. They will have an opportunity to not only build and grow their own brands, but also monetize their content."

Retired NFL players will have the freedom to determine the subject matter for their channels. Alumni Media will provide support around programming format, technical guidelines for setup and the production process.

As a former NFL player, Alumni Media Co-Founder Gus Frerotte knows firsthand what the media streaming platform will mean for retired athletes joining the network.

"After a professional athlete's playing career ends, many still want ways to engage with fans in meaningful ways," Frerotte said. "Alumni Media can be the platform that offers retired athletes a chance to share a never before seen look at life after football. I'm proud to be able to offer this service for PFRPA's membership and to facilitate the network's growth, while giving fans an intimate view into the lives of those who built the game."

PFRPA focuses on solidifying and preserving the legacy of retired NFL players by creating and managing new revenue streams, while developing meaningful health, welfare and educational programs. The organization currently provides dental and vision insurance benefits to more than 10,200 retired players and more than 3,500 players' spouses.

About Pro Football Retired Players Association (PFRPA)
PFRPA is a champion for retired NFL players, dedicated to bettering the lives of those who contributed to the game. PFRPA, the first court-established retired NFL player organization, through its leadership and dedication, has been on a mission to solidify and preserve the legacy of retired NFL players. Through the Greater Good Fund, PFRPA's 501(c)(3) charitable foundation, PFRPA develops various health and welfare programs, designed exclusively for retired NFL players. The Football Greats Alliance, PFRPA's licensing agencydevelops partnerships to drive meaningful revenue for retired NFL players and provide revenue for the Greater Good Fund to support all retired players. To date, more than 10,200 retired players and more than 3,500 players' spouses have enrolled in PFRPA insurance benefits. For more information about PFRPA, visit

About Alumni Media
Alumni Media is a cutting-edge, live streaming platform exclusively designed for alumni, offering a user-friendly interface for showcasing talents and engaging with fans. Through high-quality video on demand (VOD) and live content, alumni can easily aggregate and share performances, interviews and events, fostering real-time interaction and feedback. The platform provides robust monetization tools, enabling alumni to generate revenue through sponsorships, advertisements and fan support, making it the ideal space for accomplished individuals to connect, inspire and entertain their audience. Join today and experience the power of live streaming within the alumni community.

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