Herman Moore's Reflections on Civil Rights

Feb 18, 2021

Photo: Associated Press

Herman Moore shared his reflections on civil rights in the statement below.

Many people look at me and recognize me as being “Herman Moore the athlete,” “a good guy,” “charitable,” “connector”— a qualification I strongly dislike—and someone who “speaks well” as if that’s an unachievable bar for a Black man.

Then I sit down in a business meeting and, despite my experience and credentials, it’s clear I’m being held as the least capable of participating in the conversation.

While it’s not something that can be tangibly proven, it is the reality of many Black professionals in America—a perception made about intelligence, net worth and value because of the color of our skin.

It’s disappointing that this still happens today, but as Black men and women, we must remember that no one can make us feel inferior without our consent.

During Black History Month, we remember that others paved the way for us to do more. They put their lives on the line in the face of tremendous adversity, doubt and deterrence.

We remember that we have come a long way, but that we still have a long way to go.

For information about civil rights organizations, visit https://bit.ly/2YdcnOL.


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