Dr. Tommy E. Jackson (T.J.), II Civil Rights Statement

Oct 09, 2020

Photo: Associated Press

Dr. Tommy E. Jackson shared his reflections on civil rights in the statement below.

“Liberty and justice in America are not for Black people – It never has been. Do not fool yourselves into believing otherwise. As a Black man, I can attest that Black people fight daily for liberty, justice and economic freedom that has been stripped from us since our brutal enslavement in this country.

The Declaration of Independence boldly states that, “all men are created equal". This is a farce. The public looting of Black people’s humanity, identity and liberty exposes this lie. This is illustrated in the significant gap of time between the Declaration of Independence stating, “all men were created equal” and the13th Amendment transforming slavery from de jure into de facto. At the time of the Declaration of Independence's signing, Black people were considered property.

Black people, finally, can claim our personhood while employing our political, social, and economic power; this is a threat to the racist power structure in America. Society is more socially conscious of the Black plight due to the attention brought on by the recent events of police shootings, unemployment rates during the pandemic and the death rate due to Covid-19. As James Baldwin so eloquently stated, “to be a Negro in this country and to be relatively conscious is to be in a rage almost all the time.” I will state this another way: Black people are fed up with overt and covert racism in this country. 

Let us stand against the evils of racism by acknowledging the historical disenfranchisement of Black people and other minorities in this country. Only then will this country begin to atone for its original and most vile sin, slavery. Black people will fight for our lives, each other, and the freedom to pursue prosperity and joy. If we do not, what is the purpose of living? It is time for us and our allies to stand.” 

For information about civil rights organizations, visit https://bit.ly/2YdcnOL.


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