Al Noga's Story and Thoughts on Civil Rights

Oct 30, 2020

Photo: Associated Press

Al Noga shared his reflections on civil rights in the statement below.

The first thing and not the last for me is this: Never forget where you came from, recognize where you are now and know where you want to go to achieve success. 

It is a must to have knowledge of the laws and to comprehend the laws as well as to use your voice to repress what is not just to attain protection of fundamental civil rights and equal opportunity, for all. 

The road to success was not smooth sailing for me growing up in the United States of America at the start. No, not because I forgot that I came from the American Samoa, or knowing that my family and I were living in Kam IV Housing in Hawai’i and did not have money. No, no, no, that is engraved within me. I saw the opportunities, the “American Dream.” It took some time to tackle the barriers, stigma and adjusting to the American life, but I knew where I was going. The thought of being able to take care of my parents and family better was the plan, the hype, and motivation to succeed. 

I was told in school by some of the teachers and others that I will be nothing—that I would end up in prison and not make it past high school. My faith, family and positive supporters showed me differently. Therefore, I worked hard to suppress all the negative to be an NFL player. My prayers were answered. The NFL family has given me countless opportunities to give back in the community and to a just society, then and now. I have no regrets.

My humble advice is to never give up on where you are going, to succeed! Believe in yourself because your thoughts will take you there. Keep going forward, tackle all the obstacles in your way, the just way and make it happen! Everyone deserves the best. Go, do it.

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